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Yu-shiki Breathwork


Yu-shiki Breathwork is a unique and original breath work created by a Japanese teacher Yumiko Otomo in Okinawa Island.  She discovered the point called Taishinten in the body and ways of activating it to stimulate brain and organs to obtain optimal healing of mind and body. The activation process is very simple, involving various breathing technique with movements and meditation.  


"As we connect us to the heaven and the earth energy, we connect to something greater than us which works through us in our daily life. "


Rhythmic Breathing & Meditation: This is a slow rhythmic breathing which takes you into deep and quality meditation.  This is a form of meditation easy for beginners and takes regular mediators to a whole new level of meditation.


Work of Sei/Ying :This breathwork is for all ages and abilities and also good for postnatal care.  It focuses on releasing tensions in the body.  Practicing of connecting us to heaven and earth energy helps calm us down in our busy life and create time to place awareness within ourselves.

Work of Dou/ Yang : This is an active breathwork with certain movements which uses the inner muscles to strengthen our center/core physically and emotionally.  It helps to obtain good body balance, flexibility and stability quickly without stressing our body.  It also helps to obtain calmness and a grounded, centered feeling.  

All the activation techniques stimulate our brain and organs quickly.  They all involve movements/exercises which to align pelvis ,whole body and strengthen the entire metabolic system.  It helps shape the body into the most ideal condition.    It also guides you to deep relaxation of mind and body.  It strengthens our sexual organs, reproductive systems and boosts up our life force and natural healing power.  


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