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Please check FB page for latest class information.

2023 classes


- Cardio Bellydance to Live Music,
Let us embrace the beauty of our body. 

This class is for anyone who loves to dance.  Even if you have never taken any belly dance class you will enjoy it.  Sawako will guide student step by step so everyone feel comfortable in their movement and can express the beauty from within.   

​All levels 

When: TBA

Fee: $15/class (Temple Associate*) $18/class (Non-Associate)  & donations for drummers are appreciated ​

Location: Hoi Polloi Dance Studio 
5660 Main Ave. Orangevale

Please wear comfortable clothes preferably fitted top (w/belly exposed optional) and dance shoes if you need them.

Please wear a mask (you can take a mask while you are dancing if you need to) and do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and make yourself feel safe during the class.  


Choreography Workshop

Kannon/Quan Yin Temple Dance Choreography


Join us and learn Belly Dance Choreography inspired by Kannon/Quan Yin goddesses in Oriental/Asian countries.















When: TBA

Fee: $70/Three classes (Temple KUKURI member*), $77/three classes (non-member)
Drop-in: $25/class (Temple KUKURI member*), $28/class (non-member)

Although it is intended to take all three classes together, you can still take each individual class.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate. (If you have never bellydanced I highly recommend to check out my Free FB 30day bellydance challenge video Day 1-3 or youtube 15min bellydance lessons before the class starts.) 

Registration: Please email Sawako ( and send the payment by Venmo (Sawako-Ama), Paypal ( or Check.

Zoom link will be sent to you after your registration is completed.

Recorded videos are available each week after the class.

*Temple KUKURI membership

2021 Zoom 振付ワークショップ

観音オリエンタルダンス 振付ワークショップ



料金:7000円/3クラス(Temple KUKURI member), 8000円/3セッション(non-member)
2500円/1クラス(Temple KUKURI member)、3000円/1クラス (non-member)


ーウォームアップ: 呼吸を重視した体の軸を強くするエクササイズ。ムービングメディテーション。
ー振り付け: ベリーダンスの動きをベースに日本を中心としたアジアの観音様や伝統芸能などからのインスピレーションを受けた動きが取りいえれてあります。
ークールダウン: 体を痛めないための筋膜を柔らかくするストレッチと呼吸。

お申込みはsawako@sawakoama.comへメールをしてください。 VenmoかPaypalで支払いができます。Venmo (Sawako-Ama), Paypal (

VenmoかPaypalで支払いができます。Venmo (Sawako-Ama), Paypal (


Free Tutorial Videos

Free FB live Belly Dance MOON Challenge

Follow me on my FB Page for more details.

Join me for the 29 day Belly Dance Challenge!

Starting on August 18th.

Free 15min. Bellydance lesson videos are available on Youtube & FB!

Youtube Channel 

FB page


In-Person 4 week series

Free online mini class is available at my Youtube channel. 


When: TBA

​​Level: Mixed levels, more than one year of bellydance experience is helpful.   

​Fee: For temple associates* $48/4 classes or $13 drop in. For non-associates $55/4 classes or $15 drop in per class. $5 early bird discount will be applied till January 29th.

We need minimum of 4 students to open this class.  Please preregister.  Paypal ( or contact Sawako pay the fee in person or send a check.

Payment: via cash, check or paypal (please message for address). We will need a minimum of four participants to make this class happen so please share with a friend! 

​Location: Temple KUKURI Sanctuary (please enter from the back door)

10723 Fair Oaks blvd. Fair Oaks, CA 95628

What to bring:  fitted top (w/belly exposed optional) and dance shoes if you need them. Yoga mat

Workshop and Private Lessons

Online and In-person

Workshop is available at any location.

2 hour basic class: $350 (+possible traveling fee),  $100 for additional hour

3 hour choreography class: $450 (+possible traveling fee) $100 for additional hour


Awakening Belly -Cardio Bellydance to Live Music

1.5 hour class: $450  (+possible traveling fee)


All classes include warmups/basic isolation exercises and cool-downs/breathwork yoga.


Private lesson and semi private lesson(2-3 students) are available upon request.

Private Lesson Fee : $100/first 90min. $60 for additional hour

Semi Private Lesson Fee: $150/first 90min. $90 for additional hour

Please contact Sawako 916-871-9054

*Please click here to become a Temple KUKURI Associate member.


In this class Sawako will be focusing on:

- Having fun!!! (most important thing in our class, helps us to get being comfortable with our body)

- Dancing with awareness of body, mind and soul connection (helps us get grounded, feel comfortable being in our body &  feel free in our movements.  it also helps us learn new movements with less frustration).

- Learning fun tribal style bellydance movements. (you will learn stylization of many different folk dances from the gypsy trail, Northern India-Central Asia- the Middle East-North Africa-Spain Andalucía). You will also learn modern style movements infused with dance styles from  different cultures (Tribal Fusion) and traditional style movements (Egyptian/Oriental style and American Cabaret style).

- Learning how to play finger cymbals/zills.   (great excersise for brain stimulation)

- Strengthening core muscles and getting good pasture (it will help strengthening and clearing our mind as well)

-Breath work ( it will help us to get centered and relaxed to efficiently burn calories and prepare body to dance without hurting it)

 I encourage both men and women to join us.

What to bring: Please wear comfortable clothe preferably fitted top (with belly exposed optional).
Bring your own drinking water.

 I appreciate the time Sawako spent with me and the musicians were very friendly and made me feel welcome.  - Judy G.

 A treasure in our midst.  - Griffin

 How fun! What an easy to follow lesson. Arigatoo gozaimasu Sawako Sensei! Tanoshikatta desu yo!  - Monica Crooks

 absolutely so much fun !!!!  - Valerie  

 Love it, thank you Sawako for your generosity and tons of patience. - Ena

 I think Sawako is a great teacher. She took the time to explain everything to me in great detail, which is nice, because you don't always know what questions to ask. She guided me through the class in a gentle and patient way. I was a good work out both for my body and mind. Thank you Sawako!  - Melanie

 She is a terrific instructor. She shares which muscle groups you should feel the action from and the proper posture. She starts varies dances at a slow pace and shares how it looks once you have established the moves and the strength. I am looking forward to more classes Mrs. Sawako Ama  - David E J Malley

 I liked it very much. The only thing that I would change would be turn the music down a little because the instructor has a soft voice and it was a little hard to hear her over the music. Other than that, it was a well run class.  - Tania C.

The class was great and I got a good core area workout, which is something I am in need of. I will definitely attend again!  - J.G.

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