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 Earth Kitchen AMA

Holistic Japanese Cousin

-Food as Medicine-

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ONLNINE Cooking Classes

Join us for my live cooking class and learn hot to cook authentic & modern Japanese foods.

Our classes are held through Temple KUKURI holistic living program.  

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Asian Potsticker 

Date: TBA

More details coming soon.  Subscribe for Temple KUKURI`s new letter to be notified for class dates and details.

3 hours 


Fermentation Basics (White miso and Kimchi)

Date: TBA

More details coming soon.  Subscribe for Temple KUKURI`s new letter to be notified for class dates and details.

3 hours 


Mochi Desserts & How to brew Sencha Green Tea

Date: TBA

More details coming soon.  Subscribe for Temple KUKURI`s new letter to be notified for class dates and details.

2 hours 


Vegan Ramen Workshop

Date: TBA

More details coming soon.  Subscribe for Temple KUKURI`s new letter to be notified for class dates and details.


Gift Ticket: If you would like to donate ticket to scholarship, Please choose this ticket. Pay any amount between $25-$100 to purchase Gift Ticket. If you want to buy a ticket to specific student, please choose regular ticket and email us with student's name you want to give a ticket to.

Scholarships for Teens are available from Temple KUKURI holistic living program for Youth.  The scholarships are limited so we would like to give them to those who are sincerely interested in our cooking class and having financial difficulties. Please Email us to apply with your intention of participating in these classes and what you love about Japanese culture, foods and cooking by one week prior to the class date.  

Language: English & Japanese

Instructor: Sawako Ama (Sacramento Natural Foods Coop Cooking Instructor)


These are live streaming cooking classes via Zoom. You will be cooking in your kitchen (or you can also choose to just watch) while you watch this live online class. You will need to assemble the ingredients before the class date. After your payment is made you will receive the link to the Zoom meeting with Event bright confirmation email. The list of the detailed ingredients and the class instructions will be emailed to you from Temple KUKURI before the class date.  If you do not receive it one week before the class date, please check your junk mail box or email Temple KUKURI.

Your family is welcome to participate.

ZOOM:  You can click the link we send you and you can join the meeting. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet where you can see while you cook.

During the class time we are planning to do preparation, cooking and cleaning.  After the class you can serve what you make in the class to your family or stay online and connect with other participants from all over the world. We will also have Q&A time while we eat.

What you will learn 

Sawako will share basic and essential techniques of  Japanese cuisines so students will be able to make authentic dishes for their family.  This class will be taught mainly in English and with some Japanese.  Students will learn basic Japanese cooking terms and Japanes cultures behind each dishes.  They also have an opportunity to practice their Japanese with Sawako and other Japanese students in the class through Zoom.  

What if you cannot find the ingredients in the list?

You might not be able to find all the ingredients in the list easily. But do not worry. Since you are cooking your own meal(s) at your home, you can arrange your ingredients that you can find. If you cannot find substitute ingredients and have questions, please feel free to contact us.

More registration information coming soon...

Registration required

How to register

Online through Eventbright

For questions and more information, please email us.


ギフトチケット:経済的理由で受けられない生徒さんにチケットを寄付しませんか? 寄付をしたい方はGift Ticket選んで、$25-$100の間でお好きな額をお支払いください。特定の生徒さんにチケットをプレゼントしたい時は普通のチケットを選んで、あげたい方のお名前をEmailでお知らせください。

Temple KUKURI奨学金制度:無料でクラスを受けられる枠があります。人数が限定されてます。できれば経済的に難しいかた、料理教室に真剣に興味のある方に受け取っていただきたいので、参加する本人が奨学金無料クラスの参加希望と料理や国際交流に対する思いをEmail で送ってください。締め切り:7月25日 奨学金を受けられる方のみに7月27日までにお知らせが行きます。


講師: 安満沙和子 (あまさわこ)

ズームオンラインクラス:参加者の方は自宅の台所で、オンラインのクラスを見ながら料理をします。材料をあらかじめクラスの前に集めていただきます。大体普通のご家庭にある調味料を使って作ります。参加申し込みがすんだら、EventBrightの確認メールと一緒にZoomへのリンクが送られてきます。材料の詳細とクラスの準備要項はTemple KUKURIから後でメールで送られてきます。もし7月の27日までに送られてこない場合は、ジャンクメールボックスを確認するか、Emailをこちらに送ってください。









Online 申し込み Eventbright 

イーメイルでの申し込み:Email Temple KUKURI 題名に「料理教室申し込み ‘クラスの日にち‘」と書いてください。参加希望の日にちを記入してください。

ペイパルでの入金:(友人への送金でお願いします。) (参加希望の日にちを記入してください。)

This class is through Temple KUKURI holistic living program for youth.  

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Youtube Channel

Earth Kitchen AMA


Free online cooking instruction videos. Recipes for authentic Tonkotsu Ramen, classic and modrn Japanese foods and fermented foods. Enjoy!

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Earth Kitchen AMA

Earth Kitchen AMA

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Contact: Sawako Ama


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