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Sawako was born and raised in a Buddhist temple in the south part of Japan.  The safety and sacred feeling she felt being in the temple throughout her life has become an important part of her expression when she dances and teaches.  She has studied many different styles of dances all through her life including ballet, jazz, African, Hula and Okagura (Japaneese sacred shrine dance) and she brings her own unique expressions into the art of bellydance and beyond.

She is a multi-award  winning dancer who has been performing at various venues and events in Norten California and Japan for over 10 years. She stared as a member of an American Tribal Style Bellydance Troupe MANASA based in Sacramento.  Since 2010 she has been integrating solo dance including Raqs sharqi (Egyptian style bellydance), Fusion style (contemporary) bellydance and sacred/ritualistic dance into her work with a focus on the connection between body, mind and soul.  She celebrates the art of life by blending diverse cultures in her original style of bellydance.  With a sacred intention, her improvisational dance style invokes a passion and spirit of celebrating life and following our hearts desire.  She is also a member of Sambandha, music of the world as a dancer and a musician and a member of Kohaku, Traditional and Contemporary Japanese performing arts.

Sawako Ama, CMP
Dance Artist, Choreographer
Integrative Body Therapist

Sawako Japanese Art
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