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About Instructor: Sawako Ama, CMP

  I was born and raised in a Buddhist temple in southern part of Japan. The safety and sacred feeling I felt being in the temple throughout my life has become an important part of my expression when I teaches.

I met my teacher Yumiko Otomo in 2007. I was suffering from chronic back pain for long time and practicing Yu-shiki breathwork helped me not only recover from pain but also gave me great inspiration and strength to follow my passion.  

Each one of us is a special gift to the world.  

My teacher always reminded me. Connecting to heaven and earth energy,  accepting and beeing who I am is the best path to healing the world.

I wanted to share this amazing work of Yumiko with dearest people in my life and became an instructor in 2009.

Crrently I work as a dance artist and a massage therapist. I am also a cooking instructor at Sacramento natural food coop. It is my passion to create and share my healing arts to send prayers of peace and joy to people and the world.

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