American Tribal Style Bellydance

Manasa… A name passed on through the ages, untouched by time.  The divine deity of ancient civilizations, worshipped as a creative principle, whose energies bound the universe.  A name of tribal origin, that in Sanskrit stands for a sacred place … heart, mind, and spirit.  In taking the name, Manasa, we express how dance is our spiritual journey.  Our path is of creativity, friendship, and devotion to the dance, and with our energies bound to the universe, we come to you as….Manasa.


The dance we perform, American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance, is a fusion of tribal dance formats from India, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, and Spain.  If you follow the migration of Gypsy tribes from Northern Indian, take facets of their dance and music as those evolved during that migration, and add dance traditions from the indigenous tribal cultures with whom they interfaced --- that is the unique genre of our dance.  Our colorful costumes reflect the exotic mélange of those people, with modified Indian cholis, coined bras, three-tiered skirts over billowing pantaloons, embroidered and mirrored tassel belts, and lots of tribal jewelry.  This brings to our viewers an exciting visual feasts!

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